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Youth self-government
The Youth College of Saint Petersburg is a deliberative body. It conducts a dialogue between the Committee and the youth. Representatives of various youth associations participate in its work. They discuss relevant issues with the relevant committees.

The Student Council of St. Petersburg is a collegial advisory body under the Government of St. Petersburg. It brings together one delegate from each educational organization of St. Petersburg. The organization is responsible for the interests of students. And the youth councils are responsible for coordinating the activities of public movements and organizations, student self-government bodies, and the youth of municipalities.

And for those guys who not only study but also work a council of working youth was created. It works to increase the public role of working youth in St. Petersburg organizations.
Center for the Promotion of Employment and Professional Guidance of Youth VECTOR
City Center for Social Programs and Prevention of Antisocial Phenomena among Youth CONTACT
Center of city volunteers of St. Petersburg