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Youth community «PROSTO»
The young people of St. Petersburg are people who are open to the world.

In order to achieve all the goals, we need resources: renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources are the technology to create a new product. Non-renewable are time that can be spent, experience and practice. Today we are in Youth community «PROSTO»

Youth community «PROSTO» is the flagship project of the Youth Policy Committee. It integrates infrastructure and education. The infrastructure is a coworking space. A modern and comfortable free workspace for people between the ages of 14 to 35. At the end of 2020, the citizens recognized Youth community «PROSTO» as the «Best Business Center and Coworking in St. Petersburg» in the city award «Fontanka.ru - Recognition and Influence».

The educational part of the Youth community «PROSTO» consists of several parts. Residents can take part in lectures, seminars, master classes and educational programs or become a member of the 2SMART program.

To visit the coworking space the participant registers on the site and books the required time - the confirmation of the booking is the QR code.

It's time to get to know the Youth community «PROSTO».

The coworking space consists of several zones. Space visit begins with the welcome zone. Here the participant shows the QR-code to the administrator, leaves the outerwear, and gets a laptop. If a person needs it for work, he/she can use office equipment: a printer, scanner, laminator or stitcher. Moreover, a person can also drink tea or coffee in between work. It's all free. By the way, there is a cup in your welcome-pack, and you can also drink some tea or coffee.

The next zone is the library. There are guys working here who need to work quitly. Phone conversations or discussions that might distract neighbors are not allowed here. Therefore, in this area, mainly individual work takes place. Also here is our library: all the bestsellers of 2019 and 2020, fiction and business literature. We always form the composition of the library together with our visitors and at their request.

The next zone is the project work zone. Here guys work in groups and can discuss something.

A little further there is a relaxation zone. There our visitors can read books, watch TV series, play board games or consoles. Yes, we also have board games and play consoles.

The next zone is the meeting room. Any coworker can book it. It is given as a priority to Youth organizations that do not have their own spaces but their activities for social benefits is a main priority for us. It's important for them to get together to discuss their projects and we're happy to give them that opportunity.

And this zone is a lecture hall. During the day, it is used as a group work area. Events are held here in the evening. The lecture hall and meeting room can be booked for your own events.
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