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The Forum Campaign
The Forum Campaign is a system of forums for young people from 18 to 35 years of age on various scales: from All-Russian to regional. They are conducted by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs in cooperation with the regional executive authorities. The purpose of the forums is to create comfortable conditions for supporting youth initiatives and finding like-minded people, as well as for personal and professional growth. The Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with Voluntary Organizations annually forms the Saint Petersburg delegation which represents the region in youth forums.

The delegation of Saint Petersburg includes the brightest and most promising youth representatives in which the city believes. They are young people with certain achievements in the social, cultural, sporting or scientific fields. All participants from Saint Petersburg are a united delegation and become representatives of the city.

Participation in any forum is absolutely free of charge. The costs of transfer and accommodation are covered by the host region of the forum or the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations of St. Petersburg.

In fact, the forums hold grant competitions where you can get funding for your project. In order to become a grantee, you have to apply and become a participant of a forum and then fill out a grant application. To fill in an application you need a worked-out project. You can get a consultation to develop an idea or your project in the youth community «PROSTO».

But even if you can't win a grant at the forum you can update your project during the year in the youth community «PROSTO» programs. The youth community «PROSTO» will help you to attract other sources of funding and implement the project on city platforms. The work is supervised by PROSTO's flagship program: 2SMART.