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This is a direction of the youth community «PROSTO» which is a creative youth center of St. Petersburg. It is located on Vasilyevsky Island: there is everything for the work of young bloggers. Content creators can shoot footage for their channels for free and come up with new ideas. Perfect light, beautiful interior, up-to-date backgrounds, equipment and other bloggers - all that is needed for the development of projects. The power of the media network lies in the individual approach, technical support and comfortable conditions of development. PROSTOproduction offers creators additional services, infrastructure and advice on content creation.

The infrastructure of PROSTOproduction includes functional zones: shooting pavilions, areas for recording and presentation of projects. The program part is aimed at the development of creativity and formation of the personal brand of the young creator.

The main goal of PROSTOproduction is to create a place of attraction for creative youth. Such a community would eventually form an information agenda, popularize youth initiatives and social projects. Stand-up, open mic, poetry evening, or youth jazz band release - here any artist will find his audience.
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